child's drawing of socrates“Their unique and captivating presentation style engaged educated and delighted visitors of all ages.  They certainly captured their audience’s attention with their passion for these birds, their habitat and their ecology.”

--F. Fokidis, Ontario Science Centre

“The friendly staff are knowledgeable and enthusiastic and the birds inspire a sense of awe in all of our adult and family presentations.”

--C. Earley, The Arboretum (Guelph)

"Four years after frosh week, I now have a B.Sc. to my name. No less valuable, I also have a wealth of abilities, achievements, friends, memories, confidence, faith, and purpose that I owe to my time with [Wild Ontario]. I consider it both my joy and my responsibility to give back to the program that helped me so much to grow and change by doing it the same service, and by making sure that this life-changing experience remains available to future volunteers."

--E. Jakubowski, on her time as a volunteer.

"I can undoubtedly, undeniably and honestly say that the Wild Ontario program was the most valuable and enjoyable part of my university career.  The skills that I learned and developed during my time as a volunteer continue to serve me in countless ways every day of my life."

--K. Horner, on his time as a volunteer.

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